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A flow map visualization tool




JFlowMap is a research prototype developed at the University of Fribourg in which the developers experiment with various visualization techniques for spatial interactions, i.e. interactions between pairs of geographic locations.

These can be migrations, movement of goods and people, network traffic, or any kind of entities "flowing" between locations.

Spatial interactions are often represented as origin-destination data, meaning that only the origins, the destinations and the magnitudes of the flows are known, but not the exact flow routes.

The goal of this application is to develop a tool that would help to explore and analyze temporal changes in origin-destination data. This is what our novel visualization, Flowstrates, is especially aimed for.

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the JFlowMap utility on your Mac are available HERE.

JFlowMap is a cross-platform utility capable of running on any operating system that comes with Java support (e.g. Mac OS X, Windows, Linux).
Last updated on December 12th, 2012

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