Google Earth Pro for Mac

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A professional mapping application specifically designed to help business users explore the globe and share information with their customers and stakeholders





Google Earth Pro is a professional application that provides you with an interactive globe you can use in planning, decision making and analysis.

Google Earth Pro brings the same ease of use and imagery toolkits, but, unlike the standard version, it also includes additional professional tools designed specifically for business users.

Furthermore, Google Earth Pro can be used for measuring, viewing and planning a site from the comfort of your chair. It includes powerful drawing and measuring utilities that makes the whole planning process a lot more easier.

Moreover, Google Earth Pro brings you the means to visualize your own information, but also access exclusive data layers which include historical traffic data, demographics and land parcels.

Video creation is also easy, Google Earth Pro also allowing you to share the created videos with customers and stakeholders, suitable for any location-based project.

On top of that, you can even use the application to calculate distance, get measurements as well as determine the height of a building.

Google Earth Pro also allows you to create maps, which include titles, legends and print them with ease.
Last updated on May 22nd, 2015
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