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An easy-to-use and innovative paper grading software solution for Mac OS X that comes with an comprehensive library of pre-written comments

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Essay Grader is an efficient Mac OS X application designed to help teachers of all levels grade the papers of their students in a systematic way. The app comes with numerous pre-written comments but also with the ability to create your own.

In essence, Essay Grader aims to reduce your student grading time and to help give them a more comprehensive feedback. From its main grading window, you can work with several tabs where different aspects of a paper can be assessed.

Furthermore, in each tab you can click on various checkboxes that provide more detailed feedback on each aspect of your student’s paper. After selecting each checkbox you consider to be relevant with regard to the paper, a thorough, organized assessment document will be created.

The following areas are covered: praise, organization, content, mechanics, style, and documentation. Essay Grader also includes the “Opening” and “Closing” tabs where you can add an extra paragraphs to the assessment document of a student.

Another great benefit of using Essay Grader is that you can eliminate the need to write the same comments to multiple papers every time you are correcting one. What’s more, the app offers predefined comments that can be edited. In addition, to make your feedback more flexible, you can choose from 6 different variants for each type of comment.

In the last tab you can assign a grade, which can be of several types, depending on your school’s grading system. The first option is letter-based (A+, A, A-, B+, etc.) and you can also use numbers or other methods for scoring a paper or test.

Essay Grader has been used by many educational institutes and teachers since it was fist introduced. Teachers range from secondary to university academics. In addition to this, the application comes with support for the iPad and iPhone.

Essay Grader was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
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