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An engaging and high-quality Mac OS X screensaver and live wallpaper that turns your desktop into a true-to-life space shuttle window

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Earth 3D is a beautiful Mac OS X application that provides a 3D Earth interactive live desktop wallpaper and screensaver.

The Earth 3D application displays Earth in all its splendor on your desktop. What's more, Earth 3D gives you the impression that you are an astronaut who looks through the window of a space shuttle window.

The shuttle is moving and you get to see the whole Earth globe by flying around it from space. Earth 3D provides an accurate reproduction of Earth's geographical features: oceans, clouds, mountains, plains, cities, rivers and more.

With Earth 3D, you can explore our planet from outer space. Over 1300 geographic objects and 300 wonders of the world are displayed in the full version of the application. You can view important building structures, a political map and more.

What's more, Earth 3D comes with high-definition textures for screen resolutions of 1920 x 1080 and up. It also includes an original music track that goes hand in hand with the awe-inspiring view of Earth.

The application puts an item on your menu bar that you can use to access the Preferences window and start the screensaver mode.

From the preferences, you can select the monitor, choose where to put the application icons, set the rotation speed and select the view options (clouds, water animation and compass).

Furthermore, from the Advanced tab of the preferences, you can select the running mode on AC power and on battery power.

In addition, you can set the time before starting the screensaver mode, choose to ask for password on exit and assign a keyboard shortcut to start the screensaver.

Since Earth 3D renders high-quality graphics, the resource consumption is quite high: about 350 MB or real memory and 3% CPU power.

Earth 3D was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 5th, 2014
Earth 3D - You can view our planet's geographical features from outer space, including numerous buildings.Earth 3D - You can also zoom into the Earth and explore buildings and other objects.Earth 3D - Earth 3D also includes a political map to easily distinguish the territories of each country.Earth 3D - screenshot #4Earth 3D - screenshot #5Earth 3D - screenshot #6Earth 3D - screenshot #7Earth 3D - screenshot #8

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