EarMaster Pro for Mac

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Interactive ear training and practical music theory






EarMaster Pro is the ideal method to develop your aural skills and practice music theory.

Interactive and progressive, enhance your musical education, prepare for ear training exams, and start becoming a better musican today with EarMaster Pro.

The lessons included in EarMaster have been created by certified professors of music theory. The EarMaster software suite is used by a large number of music schools, conservatories and universities throughout the world.
Last updated on April 1st, 2015
EarMaster Pro - This is the welcoming screen where you can choose what lesson you want to start.EarMaster Pro - This is EarMaster Pro's tutor asking a question and displaying the musical scale.EarMaster Pro - The Exercises menu will allow you to quickly choose what exercise you want to start.EarMaster Pro - The Exercise Settings will help you to easily customize the settings for your musical exercises.EarMaster Pro - The Notes menu will enable you to add new notes to the musical scale.EarMaster Pro - The Environment Program settings will allow you to customize the language, font, rhythm notation and transposing instruments preferences.EarMaster Pro - The Effect/Microphone tab helps you to edit the sound effect and microphone settings.EarMaster Pro - The MIDI Instruments tab enables the user to customize the piano, guitar, rhythms, and metronome preferences.

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