Music Theory Tutor (formerly Ear Teacher) for Mac

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A user-oriented application that makes it easy for you to learn music theory concepts with the help of numerous examples and training sessions

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Ear Teacher is a straightforward learning companion specially designed to provide a fully-featured learning environment that guides you through all essential music theory and ear training concepts.

Well-thought-out music training application for beginners

Ear Teacher comes with a simple and intuitive user interface that provides instant access to all featured lessons and activities.

It is worth mentioning that various modules and activities are gradually unlocked as you progress through the presented material and you also have the option to pick the activities you are most interested in.

Ear Teacher comes with multiple grades, each grade with its own set of lessons, activities and quizzes. At the same time, the Practice tab enables you to test your knowledge in a more practical way.

Try out the intelligent practice sessions or create your own sessions

The smart practice sessions automatically selects the questions for you based on your evolution. However, Ear Teacher offers you the option to create custom practice sessions based on your needs and preferences.

The music theory concepts are accompanied by pictures, audio and numerous examples that makes learning much more easier. After each topic you can try ear training exercises and start tapping rhythms, playback melodies, guess intervals and more.

Constantly improve your skills with the help of the received feedback

On top of that, all exercises provide instant feedback and allow you to retry them until you get it right. In addition, you can test your knowledge by taking a quiz at the end of every subject and a test at the end of every grade.

What is more, the Intelligent Practice feature is designed to track your progress in order to deliver the right question based on your performance. Thanks to the Statistics tab, you can track and monitor your overall progress, as well as the progress for each subject along with your test and quiz marks.

Music Theory Tutor (formerly Ear Teacher) was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 5th, 2015
Music Theory Tutor (formerly Ear Teacher) - From Ear Teacher's main window you can start various lessons and practice.Music Theory Tutor (formerly Ear Teacher) - The Activities tab helps you view all available grades, subjects and activities.Music Theory Tutor (formerly Ear Teacher) - During practice you receive constant feedback and you have the option to retry an exercise until you get it right.Music Theory Tutor (formerly Ear Teacher)Music Theory Tutor (formerly Ear Teacher)Music Theory Tutor (formerly Ear Teacher)

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