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A practical and well-designed equation editor that enables you to quickly and easily create and edit complex mathematical formulas

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Daum Equation Editor is a handy and very easy-to-use application that provides the necessary tools and features to crate and edit various mathematical formulas and copy the generated result to your documents.

The lightweight utility is freely available on the Mac App Store and can be easily installed with just a few mouse clicks. The speed of the download and installation process depends on the type of Internet connection and your Mac's configuration and can be completed in a couple of minutes.

Daum Equation Editor comes with a user-friendly interface from which you can quickly and easily create the desired equation using a wide variety of symbols. You can change the background of the displayed formula and choose between white, black and transparent. In addition, you can adjust the font size, style and color and highlight certain parts of the formula using a color of your choice.

The Clear, Undo and Redo buttons help you keep your formula editing under control and correct your mistakes as you compose the equation. Thanks to the Equation toolbar you can insert any equation, symbol, measurement unit, typeface and arrow you want. Daum Equation Editor offers access to fractions, square roots, differential and integrated calculus, operators, brackets, functions, logarithm functions, matrix, mathematical operator symbols, shape and Greek symbols and more.

Once the equation is complete you can preview it and copy the generated image to your documents with just a mouse click. All loaded functions can be effortlessly edited via the “TeX” panel from where you can use the LaTeX markup language to make the needed changes.

If you are a scientists, an engineer, student or professor that works with mathematical formulas, symbols and equations you might want to try Daum Equation Editor and take advantage of the advanced editing tools the application has to offer.

Daum Equation Editor was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Daum Equation EditorDaum Equation EditorDaum Equation Editor

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