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An easy to use but powerful Mac OS X application that enables you to quickly visualize the graphic representation of various crystal or molecular structures.

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CrystalMaker is a powerful Mac OS X app designed to help you create, manipulate, and animate graphic representations for various molecular or crystal structures.

However, sharing your projects with users that do not have the CrystalMaker (a commercial application) installed on their computer, might prove to be challenging.

CrystalViewer is designed to be a simple solution to this problem: the app is available free of charge, and is able to open the .cmdf and .cmmf data files generated by CrystalMaker. Nonetheless, keep in mind that the software is available for personal use only.

Well structured user interface

Most of  the CrystalViewer main window is reserved for actually viewing the content of the CrystalMaker data file, while the top toolbar provides quick access to most of the app’s capabilities.

You may also toggle a sidebar that includes text notes for the current entry, and the colors associated to each element contained by the structure.

Easily manipulate and analyze the data

The information and graphic representations included in the CrystalMaker project files can be visualized in CrystalViewer in multiple modes: ball&stick, space filling, polyhedral, wire frame, stick, or thermal ellipsoids. In addition, CrystalViewer is able to auto rotate or scale the structure, and it can enlarge or minimize the image.

Furthermore, you can manually rotate the structure, select molecules and visualize extensive information about their types and connections, measure bond distances or angles, toggle molecule labels, and so on.

User friendly viewer for molecule structures created in CrystalMaker

CrystalViewer offers you the possibility to open and analyze the .cmdf and .cmmf data files generated by the CrystalMaker application. Since CrystalViewer is available free of charge, it can prove to be a great addition to the software collection of any scholar that needs to study crystal or molecule structures.

CrystalViewer was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 1st, 2015
CrystalViewer - In the CrystalViewer main window you can easily visualize various molecular structures.CrystalViewer - screenshot #2CrystalViewer - In the CrystalViewer main window you can easily measure the angle between various bonds.CrystalViewer - screenshot #4CrystalViewer - Via the CrystalViewer Model menu you can quickly switch between different visualization modes.CrystalViewer - screenshot #6

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