Cabri II Plus 1.4.5

Helps you design 2-D and 3-D figures
Cabri II Plus - In this window users can create 2D and 3D figures.
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Cabri II Plus is appreciated for the solid educational foundation and its simplicity of use.

With just a few clicks, students can:
· Construct 2-D and 3-D figures, from the simplest to the most complex, by combining fundamental geometric objects such as points, angles, segments, circles, planes, solids and transformations.
· Create expressions using fundamental algebraic concepts, such as numbers, variables and operations.
· Connect geometry and algebra by measuring length, angles, area and volume and then attaching these numeric values directly to the figure to use them in calculations or in algebraic expressions.
· Explore a figure's properties by manipulating its variable elements. Observe the effects of dynamic transformations like shrinking and enlarging. Make conjectures about algebraic and geometric properties, and then verify relationships among various parts of a figure.

The teacher can:
Create activities that:
· facilitate the introduction and understanding of new concepts
promote the discovery of theorems, instead of just showing them
help model real-life situations.
· Generate classroom resources by inserting text or pictures in a figure, modifying graphical elements, copying/pasting into other software and producing high-quality printouts.
· Present activities to students, have them manipulate figures, observe and guide them. Using Cabri allows you to better assess individual student comprehension.
· Expand online by integrating figures that can be manipulated on web pages or by incorporating Microsoft Office documents.
· Have students solve problems directly linked to the NCTM standards with possible interdisciplinary connections to physics, geography and the arts.

Main features:

  • Tools for new learning opportunities:
  • Basic tools borrowed from traditional design tools: compass, T-square
  • Advanced tools:
  • place and trace: display the paths of geometric figures when they are distorted.
  • redefine objects: add or subtract constraints on the relationship between the objects in the figure.
  • Numeric and algebraic tools: coordinate points, equations of lines, graphical representations of functions and tables
  • Tools that can be personalized to meet each teacher's needs:
  • Save the history of figures: simultaneously follow the work of several students by replaying each of their actions step-by-step.
  • Create your own tools in order to remake frequently used constructions in just a few clicks. Design « black box » tools whose functions are to be discovered by the students.
  • Modify the toolbar to fi t the level of the class or the planned activity.
  • Link between the calculator and computer:
  • Import/export files between the teacher's computer and the students' graphing calculators, from Cabri II Plus to the free application Cabri Jr. (available on TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus calculators).

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9 Screenshots
Cabri II Plus - This menu allows you to add or delete a background image.Cabri II Plus - From this File menu you can export the figure as HTML, PNG and more.Cabri II Plus - This Options menu allows you to set the tool configuration and more.Cabri II Plus - Users can begin to record, read or print a session from this Session menu.Cabri II Plus - The geometry preferences can be set from this window.Cabri II Plus - Users can adjust the system options from this tab.Cabri II Plus - You can set the display precision and unit options from this window.Cabri II Plus - This window allows you to set the coordinate system and equations preferences.
What's New in version 1.4.2
  • Say Hello to the Cabri Assistant
  • Thanks to the new built-in assistant discover the full pedagogical power of Cabri II Plus! Unleash it in your classroom right away. It comes with videos to get started and with more than 60 ready-to-teach activities for your classroom. The assistant guides you for instance on doing algebra, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, data exploration...
  • One-click publishing
  • Immediate export to png format images, ideal to prepare lectures notes or activities.
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