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A classic Mac OS X desktop utility that allows users to browse, study and interact with the Bible's books, chapters and verses easily

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Bible Reader Free is a free Mac OS X application for older operating systems (running on PowerPC processors) that enables you to read and analyze the bible on Macs running OS X version of up to 10.6.8.

Open and view multiple bible passages within the same window

The Bible Reader Free application has been designed to help you open as many passages as you wish at the same time and to rapidly search for your favorite quotes across the entire King James' Bible.

Moreover, Bible Reader Free also provides simple boxes to enter the exact number for the passage you wish to go to. From the Search Results window, users can view the chapter numbers and the book they belong to.

Inbuilt History search engine designed to re-visit verses read beforehand

Another worth mentioning feature is that Bible Reader Free also bundles a History window which will help you view the verses you have previously accessed at any given time.

Additionally, Bible Reader Free enables you to change the font of the text from smaller to larger, depending on how good your eyes are.

Bundles a very handy word swap tool, as well as a simple way to create custom notes

Furthermore, Bible Reader Free comes with an inbuilt word swap ability that makes it very simple for you to replace certain words such as "thee" or "thou" to "you" or "your", all at once.

As an added advantage, while studying the bible using Bible Reader Free, you can also quickly create notes for future reference with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Multiple bible translations for easy comparison and in-depth study

Bible Reader Free also features a number of bible translations,  namely King James, Basic Bible English, Strong’s, American Standard Version, Darby, Websters and Youngs.

Bible Reader Free was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on January 6th, 2015
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