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A dynamic 2D-simulation environment that enables you to create interactive scenes where you can draw and interact with various physical systems

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Algodoo is an fun, powerful and educational application that manages to create a synergy between science and art.

Let your imagination free and use your creativity to create interactive scenes

Algodoo offers you a versatile 2D simulation environment designed in a playful and cartoony manner in order to make it the ideal tool for drawing and creating dynamic and interactive scenes.

Thanks to Algodoo, you can discover physics, create interesting inventions, design engaging games or simply perform various experiments in your free time.

With Algodoo’s help, students and children can gain the ability and acquire the knowledge required to construct new things while having fun. In addition to being educational, Algodoo manages to entertain its users, a fact that makes it the ideal application for children that want to learn and practice physics at home.

Helps you build and create your own scenes

From Algodoo’s main window, you can easily start building simulation scenes using intuitive drawing tools such as circles, boxes, polygons, brushes, gears, planes, chains, ropes and more.

Moreover, you can instantly interact with the used items by simply clicking or dragging them. You also have the option to edit and make the needed changes by rotating, scaling, moving, cloning or cutting objects.

On top of that, Algodoo enables you to add more physics in your simulations and create complex scenes using springs, fluids, motors, hinges, light rays, thrusters, optics, lenses and tracers. Furthermore, you can discover and modify various parameters like friction, gravity, refraction, attraction and more.

Display graphs and visualize forces in real time

More demanding users can perform in-depth analysis and display graphics in order to visualize forces, momentum and velocities. The previously mentioned graphs can be accompanied by X/Y components and angles.

What is more, Algodoo helps you access Aglobox, a scene library with over 50 000 scenes that you can easily download or you can create, save and share your own creations.

All in all, Algodoo is a fully-featured application that offers you the opportunity to play with physical elements as you use the featured tools to design, construct and explore the world of physics

Algodoo was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 13th, 2014
Algodoo - For every new element that you add in the main window of the app you can open a contextual menu with a right click on the respective object.Algodoo - In that way you can easily add new elements, erase  some old ones, make some clones and more.Algodoo - You can also change the elements appearance.Algodoo - After choosing a color you can also change the texture of an element.Algodoo - Alternative options you can find in the main menu and in the toolbar.Algodoo - The Preferences window lets you change the skins and the color palette.Algodoo - screenshot #7

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