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AceReader Pro Deluxe Network
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AceReader Pro Deluxe Network is a reading assesment tool that helps students increase their reading speed and comprehension (both online and offline);

Using the network version, students do not need to sit in front of the same computer for each session and teachers can monitor the progress (speed and comprehension graphs) of all the students from any computer on the network.

AceReader Pro Deluxe Network is designed for all ages. Improve and assess your reading skills with Comprehension Tests, Drills and Games for grades 1-12 plus adult. Drills will automatically adjust training speed relative to personal reading ability.

Note: The network version can be installed on servers for networked environment, but also has the versatility to be installed on standalone non-networked computers.

Main features:

  • Free Upgrades on all non-major releases. Telephone support. Online help via web site, email and downloadable documentation.
  • Comprehension Tests for grade levels 1-12 plus higher level college/advanced/expert level reading material. You can take self-paced tests or forced speed tests. Self-paced tests tell you how fast you read and also provide comprehension test results. Forced speed tests allow you to see how well you comprehend when being forced to read at certain speeds.
  • Eye Pacing Drills: Drills that auto adjust reading speed. Includes eye warm-up drills.
  • Eye Exercise Games: Eye Fixation Games that will improve your reading skills while having fun. Games provide both multiple choice and typed exercises. Automated Course: Courses that will lead you through the training process.
  • Expert Mode (Online Reader): Allows you to have full control over the display options, text and speed. You can load web pages, email, documents, ebooks...
  • Custom program settings can be saved and recalled. Display options include: screen size, text display mode, font, font size, font color, background color, margin width, speed setting (words or character based), key mapping...
  • Tracks progress and creates progress reports. Allows you to view progress via on screen details and graphs. Will create simple progress report document that can be saved or printed. Can also export reports to tab/semicolon delimited text file so that you can import into spreadsheet.
  • Ability to Save/Load Custom Option Settings.
  • Customizable Hot-Keys.
  • Ability to set speed in terms of Words/Min, Char/Second and Char/Minute.
  • Bookmarks
  • Easy to use user interface with mouse over help and ability to hide controls.
  • Read Timer
  • Startup Wizard Screen that will launch you into common areas of the program and makes the program more intuitive to use.
  • Ability to Import/Export sets of custom content (Comprehension Tests, Drills...). You can share custom content with other AceReader Pro users.
  • Advanced Display Modes (i.e. sentence at a time, phrase at a time, ability to specify number of eye fixations per line, highlighting of word groups...).
  • Game Editors - Allow you to customize and incorporate your own training material for games. Especially useful for Flash Card Game.
  • Drill and Drill Text Editors - Allows you to customize, create and edit your own custom Drills.
  • Comprehension Test Editor - Allows you to customize, create and edit your own Comprehension Tests (Stories and associated quiz questions).
  • Spell Checker - Included in Comprehension Test Editor, Drill Text Editor and Game Text Editors.
  • Readability Stats - Incorporated into the Drill Text Editor and the Comprehension Test Editor to help you determine the grade level of text.
  • Multi-User logon accounts with passwords - Can be used by a single user or multiple users. Program settings and tracking (test results) will be maintained in separate database for each user. Includes User Administration functions.
  • Designed for Networked environments. Students do not need to sit in front of the same computer for each session. Teachers can monitor the progress of all the students from any computer on the network. Administrators can perform administration functions from any computer on the network.

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November 22nd, 2012, 16:52 GMT
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StepWare Inc
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AceReader Pro Deluxe Network

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6 Screenshots
AceReader Pro Deluxe NetworkAceReader Pro Deluxe NetworkAceReader Pro Deluxe NetworkAceReader Pro Deluxe NetworkAceReader Pro Deluxe Network
What's New in version 8.0.7
  • Minor maintenance update.
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