USB Audio ASIO Driver for Mac3.3.0

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A great software package that provides support for reducing the audio latency and configure your USB connected audio box device.






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USB Audio ASIO Driver is a great software package that provides support for adjusting the audio buffersize in case you want to use your Mac as a synthesizer.

USB Audio ASIO Driver is designed to reduce the audio delay by creating a high speed USB connection. The utility allows you to overrun your Mac’s audio system in order to improve the sound and the response time.

The USB Audio ASIO Driver comes with its own installer and uninstaller applications which makes both processes extremely straight forward. Note that you must restart the system to complete the installation process.

USB Audio ASIO Driver can be configured via the which will be placed in your Applications folder. To actually make any adjustments you must have the USB mixing devices connected.

In addition, you must also have a installed an audio editing application such as Adobe Audition, Wavelab, Logic Audio or Digital Performer.

USB Audio ASIO Driver provides support and can be used with a wide collection of devices: Alesis' USB mixing desks, Audiotrak EX, Audiotrak EX5, Audiotrak Maya 5.1 USB, Audiotrak EX7, Audiotrak Maya 7.1 USB, Audiotrak OPTOPlay, Creative Extigy, Creative MP3+, Creative SoundBlaster Live 24bit external, Digidesign Mbox, Edirol UA-1A, Edirol UA-1X, Edirol UA-3, Edirol UA-3D, Elektor USB Audio devices, Event EZbus, Griffin iMic, Griffin PowerWave, Hercules MusePocket, HHB Portadisc, I-O Data D2VOX, Opcode DATPort, Opcode SonicPort, Opcode SonicPort optical, Onkyo MSE-U33, Onkyo MSE-U33HB, Onkyo SE-U55, Onkyo SE-U55X(S), Philips Aurilium, Roland-ED UA-30, Sitecom's 5.1 Audio Adapter, SKNET Digital Sound Station, Terratec Aureon 5.1 USB, Vivanco 5.1 Audio Converter and Waveidea UASC-1.
Last updated on December 25th, 2014
USB Audio ASIO Driver - In the main window you are able to configure the 
device's input and output parameters.

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