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A powerful and complex utility that allows you to control all your music in all your rooms, from any desktop or laptop computer in your house.

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The Sonos wireless speakers offer you the possibility to listen to music from anywhere in your home, over Wi-Fi, without having to deal with wires and other setups.

The system is comprised from a bridge that is connected to your router through an Ethernet cable, as many wireless speakers as you want, and an application that controls the music being played.

The Sonos Desktop Controller represents the latter: once installed on your Mac it can connect with the wireless speakers, manage your music library, and decide what tracks should be played on each specific device.

Quickly connect your wireless speakers

Right off the bat, you must make sure that Sonos Desktop Controller is copied to your disc: if you try to launch it from the image disk, the application will offer to copy itself to the Applications directory, or to a folder of your choice.

The next step is to connect the Sonos components: press and release the buttons of the bridge connected to your router to start a new system, or the buttons on any component to make them join an existing system.

Manage your music library

Sonos Desktop Controller indexes shared music folders stored on network-attached storage devices: depending on the file’s metadata, the Sonos library is able to handle around 65.000 tracks.

The music library can be easily customized via the app’s Manage menu: you get to add or remove music folders, and you can manually trigger the update process. The same area enables you to quickly add a new component to your Sonos music system.

User friendly controller application for the Sonos wireless system

Sonos Desktop Controller offers you the possibility to manage the Sonos components and music library from the comfort of your Mac’s desktop. All in all, if you are using the Sonos wireless speakers, this is a great addition to your software collection.

Sonos Desktop Controller was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
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