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A light and flexible application that enables you to remap the CapsLock key and modify various other keys to perform certain actions

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Seil is a straightforward Mac OS X application specially designed to help you change the default function of the Caps Lock key to another key.

Quickly remap the CapsLock key using keycodes

What is more, CapsLock helps you remap various keys, as well as keys on non-apple keyboards, change the keycode of the keys on SteelSeries Apex Gamin Keyboard and enable the NFER, XFER or KATAKANA key on the PC keyboard.

It is recommended to access the Keyboard panel under the System Preferences and select the “No Action” option for the Caps Lock key via the Modifiers Keys slide sheet. By changing these settings you can significantly reduce the Caps Lock delay while performing the desired action.

Assign new actions and keycodes to the Command, Option and Shift keys

From Seil’s main window you can change the Caps Lock key’s code to any given code with just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. Fortunately, Seil offers a list with most popular keycodes for the Delete, Escape, Return, Tab, Fn, Command, Shift, media keys, as well as various system actions such as Dashboard, Launchpad or Exposé.

In addition to remapping the Caps Lock key, Exposé also offers you the option to remap the Command, Option, Delete, Escape, Return, Space and Tab keys as well.

Helps you remap keys on non-Apple keyboards

If you are using a non-Apple keyboard, you’ll be happy to know that you can enable that application, international and LANG keys with ease.

Seil comes with a simple and user-oriented interface that helps you perform the desired changed and modifications with ease. We would have liked Seil even more if it allowed us to modify any given key in addition to the supported modifiers.

In conclusion, if you need to change the keycode of the Caps Lock key or various other keys, then Seil is the application that can help you out.

Seil was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 10th, 2015
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