MCS-3000 Series USB for Mac

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An easy to use Mac OS X driver that provides support for effortlessly controlling the JLCooper MCS-3000 Series hardware with ethernet.






MCS-3000 Series USB is an interface Card available for the MCS-3000, MCS-3400, MCS-3800 Media Command Stations, MCS-ClipShot and MCS-Spectrum to provide a direct connection to USB equipped computers.

New software for Macintosh OSX includes pre-defined templates for working with many popular programs including Final Cut Pro, Maya, Pro Tools and other professional editing applications.

Within the MCS-3000 application, users can easily choose to function by name, assign keyboard commands, but also use mouse clicks to easily control any of the available software functions.

The addition of jkl shuttle control, a speed slider, key command sequence macros and multiple banks of keysets per application provide unequalled control capabilities.

The innovative addition of USB to MIDI mapping enables keysets (that can be completely customized by the user) to control most MIDI/MMC compatible software applications.
Last updated on August 11th, 2014
MCS-3000 Series USBMCS-3000 Series USBMCS-3000 Series USBMCS-3000 Series USBMCS-3000 Series USB