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An easy to use, open source library developed for accessing DVDs like a block device, without having to worry about the decryption

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Developed by the VideoLAN Project, libdvdcss is a library that can be used to read DVDs without having to deal with decryption. At the same time, the library is also able to read discs that have a different region than your drive.

Easy to install library for reading DVDs without having to decode the data

By default, the libdvdcss library is available as source code, and the users must manually configure, build, and install the library via the command line. In order to simplify the installation procedure, the Softpedia team has compiled the libdvdcss library from source.

As a result, you can choose to download the DYLIB file and manually install libdvdcss by copying the Xcode dynamic library to the /usr/lib/ folder. However, the additional libdvdcss installer package reduces the task to simply following the on-screen instructions.

Build players that can read the DVDs content regardless of the disc’s encryption or region

The libdvdcss library comes with a sample of known CSS keys that are used to decode the DVD content: the library will try each key, and if everything fails, will start decrypting the stream directly.

Furthermore, the libdvdcss library integrates certain variable that can adjust its behavior: DVDCSS_VERBOSE, DVDCSS_METHOD, DVDCSS_RAW_DEVICE, and DVD_CACHE. The best part is that you can change these values without modifying the app that uses the library.

Simple yet powerful library that offers support for decoding DVDs by using sample CSS keys

libdvdcss provides quick access to a collection of known CSS keys in order to help developers to create DVD players without having to worry about the DVD encryption, or if the disc zone matches the drive region. The library is very easy to use and is supported on most popular operating systems, such as GNU/Linux, Solaris, Windows, OpenBSD, BeOS, NetBSD, HP-UX, FreeBSD, or OS/2.

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Last updated on January 31st, 2015
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