ZooLib 0.9

Free software development library for your Mac
ZooLib is a free and open source software development library that allows you build native applications for a variety of platforms and processors from a single code base, with little need for platform-specific source.

Main features:

  • ZooLib applications are multithreaded, with platform-independent thread and mutex classes.
  • It provides a graphical user interface toolbox with a uniquely flexible layout method.
  • The GUI widgets are drawn by platform-specific renderers, so Mac apps look like native Mac apps, and similarly for Windows. There is even a switchable renderer that calls through to the real ones so you can change look and feel at runtime for testing and demonstration. On the Macintosh, the Appearance Manager is used to render widgets if it is available.
  • It provides useful classes such as thread-safe reference counted smart pointers.
  • There is a lightweight database file format, in which the databases are completely contained in single files so they can serve as end-user documents, for example to allow a user to email a database file to a friend who can then double-click it to open it in an editor.
  • It provides file access - file open and save dialogs that filter according to platform style (three letter extension on Windows, file type on Mac OS X), file references and classes for accessing open files.
  • Streams which may be linked to various data sources and sinks (files, the network, memory, etc.) and to each other to create filters.
  • It provides TCP networking.
  • It has extensive debugging support - debugging functions and macros, assertions in frequently used core components, and a debugging memory allocator.

last updated on:
October 30th, 2009, 10:03 GMT
file size:
1.7 MB
license type:
MIT License 
developed by:
ZooLib Team
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
binary format:
Universal Binary
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