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A powerful, complete package that contains a large number of cryptographic modules for developing applications using the Python programming language






Pycrypto provides you with a large collection of secure hash functions and multiple encryption algorithms.

The pycrypto packages was carefully structured in such a way in order for you to easily add new modules.

Pycrypto includes multiple packages such as Cipher, containing secret and public key encryption algorithms, Hash, which includes multiple hash algorithms and Protocol that provides a large number of cryptographic protocols.

Besides that,it also includes a public key encryption and signature algorithms, as well as multiple useful functions and modules like number generation, theoretic functions and long to string conversion.

You can use some of the Pycrypto modules for writing administration tools, servers and daemons, as well as other types of software relying on security and encryption.

Pycrypto also implements public key algorithms based on the Python framework which is suitable for experimenting with cryptographic algorithms.

In order to install Pycrypto you must have Python 2 or later already available on your Mac. All modules are packaged using the Distutils, so you can easily run the package in order to build and install.
Last updated on October 24th, 2013
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