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Fast, Nimble PDF Generation For Ruby
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If you've ever needed to produce PDF documents before, in Ruby or another language, you probably know how much it can suck.

Prawn takes the pain out of generating beautiful printable documents, while still remaining fast, tiny and nimble. It is also named after a majestic sea creature, and that has to count for something.

In addition to being one of the fastest available pure Ruby PDF generation library, Prawn also has features that might prevent you from hating your job.

Main features:

  • Built in support for UTF-8:
  • Internationalized text in Prawn is as simple as providing UTF-8 strings for it to render, assuming you've got a Unicode aware TTF font handy. For those who are running on Ruby 1.9, any encoding that can be converted to UTF-8 will work out of the box!
  • Easy image embedding:
  • Prawn makes embedding JPEG and PNG images a breeze. With support for alpha transparency, easy positioning and scaling of images, you'll have no problem including all the graphics you need in your documents.
  • Flexible table drawing:
  • Prawn has built in support for rendering text in the form of tables, providing basic reporting functionality. This lets users focus on customizing their documents rather than forcing them to write a ton of low level graphics drawing code.
  • Simplified content positioning:
  • Anyone who has done work with a low level graphics engine knows that doing coordinate math isn't fun. Prawn simplifies this by allowing you to box off a sub-section of the document and treat it as its own mini-coordinate space.
  • This means that all positioning is relative, making it easy to move things around your document while keeping your code clean. Text can also be flowed within these sectioned off bounding boxes, so this makes it trivial to generate columns of text on the fly.

last updated on:
September 30th, 2014, 6:43 GMT
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4.1 MB
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developed by:
Gregory Brown
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
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Universal Binary
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What's New in This Release:
  • Added the Prawn::View mixin for using Prawn’s DSL in your own classes.
  • Soft hyphenation no longer renders unnecessary hyphens in the last word of paragraphs.
  • Fonts with unsupported character mappings will now only fail if you use unsupported glyphs.
  • Prawn no longer triggers Ruby warnings when loaded
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