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Convert one markup format to another using this free Haskell library
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Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another, and a command-line tool that uses this library.

Pandoc can read markdown and (subsets of) reStructuredText, HTML, and LaTeX, and it can write markdown, reStructuredText, DocBook XML, groff man, HTML, LaTeX, ConTeXt, RTF, and S5 HTML slide shows.

Main features:

  • Modular design, using separate writers and readers for each supported format.
  • A real markdown parser, not based on regex substitutions. More accurate and much faster than
  • Also parses (subsets of) reStructuredText, LaTeX, and HTML.
  • Multiple output formats: HTML, Docbook XML, LaTeX, ConTeXt, reStructuredText, Markdown, RTF, groff man pages, S5 slide shows.
  • Unicode support.
  • Optional "smart" quotes, dashes, and ellipses.
  • Automatically generated tables of contents.
  • Support for displaying math in HTML.
  • Extensions to markdown syntax:
  • Document metadata (title, author, date).
  • Footnotes, tables, and definition lists.
  • Superscripts, subscripts, and strikeout.
  • Inline LaTeX math and LaTeX commands.
  • Markdown inside HTML blocks.
  • Enhanced ordered lists: start number and numbering style are significant.
  • Compatibility mode to turn off syntax entensions and emulate
  • Convenient wrapper scripts:
  • html2markdown makes it easy to produce a markdown version of any web page.
  • markdown2pdf converts markdown to PDF in one step.
  • hsmarkdown is a drop-in replacement for
  • Multi-platform: runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix.

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September 9th, 2014, 2:55 GMT
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27.9 MB
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developed by:
John MacFarlane
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
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What's New in This Release:
  • Fixed --self-contained with Windows paths (#1558). Previously C:\foo.js was being wrongly interpreted as a URI.
  • HTML reader: improved handling of tags that can be block or inline. Previously a section like this would be enclosed in a paragraph, with RawInline for the video tags (since video is a tag that can be either block or inline):
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