MathGL for Mac

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Free and open source library that can be used cross platform and offers you the possibility to generate high quality scientific graphics





The MathGL is a free and cross-platform library and a front-end for generating a wide spectrum of mathematical plots.

The generate plots are made using OpenGL and the resulting images can be export to JPEG, TIFF, EPS or PNG files.

MathGL is:
· a library for the fast data plotting and handling of large data arrays;
· a library for making high-quality scientific graphics;
· a library with large and growing set of graphics.
· a library for working in window and console modes and for easy embedding into other programs;
Last updated on June 9th, 2015
MathGL - This is an example of 1D array graphic plot.MathGL - This is an example graphic for 2D array.MathGL - This is a sample graphic for 3D array.

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