Hapax 2.3.5

A simple but powerful text templating library for Java
Hapax was designed to be a simple but powerful text templating library for Java. Hapax is suitable for constructing text output from Java code. The syntax is similar to Google's ctemplate library.

Hapax was designed to be easy to use and have minimal dependencies. Hapax does not depend on any existing web framework, and is suitable for use in servlets, scripting languages (Scala, Groovy, etc), and server-side applications.

Main features:

  • Hapax enforces a strict separation of "view" from the rest of your logic.
  • Hapax has zero dependencies on third-party code.
  • Hapax is well unit-tested.
  • Hapax is based loosely on the syntax and behavior of Google's ctemplate library.
  • Hapax generate any kind of textual output: config files, HTML, XML, CSS, etc.
  • Hapax templates do not require a compilation step. Templates are parsed at runtime.
  • Hapax has native support for some types of content escaping (JavaScript, XML, HTML, URLs).
  • Hapax does not expect your templates to come from disk: templates can be be generated at runtime, stored in a database, or any other location.

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June 28th, 2013, 12:44 GMT
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Doug Coker
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MIT License 
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Mac OS X
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