Glui2 1.0

A lightweight OpenGL C++ GUI library
Glui2 is a free and open source OpenGL library and provides a light-weight, feature-rich stand-alone Graphical User Interface (GUI) for OpenGL and GLUT applications.

Written in C/C++, Glui2 is clean to use, easy to extend, well documented, and supports Linux, Windows, and OSX, as well as is very small! (Only 7.5k lines of code!)

Glui2, based on the original GLUI library by Paul Rademacher, is a full re-write from scratch based on a similar minimalistic design.

This project uses similar methods and programing interfaces, but now includes GUI theming, easier integration with applications, better performance (2D hardware acceleration), easier extending of new controllers, full documentation, and a clean implementation in portable C++. Checkout what the project looks like through our screenshots page!

Why use Glui2 versus all the other hundreds of GUI libraries? One big advantage is that it has a very small code base and interfacing footprint. Unlike wxWidgest or many other libraries, this code is ready to go and easy to use. Object instantiation is easy, there is no complex overhead, or bulky boilerplate code, etc.

It truly is ready to go out of the box and extensible! The project currently builds and executes without any dependencies, other than OpenGL / GLUT, and requires no advanced OpenGL features. Glui2 runs in immediate-mode and only users OpenGL 1.1 standard features!

Glui2 can easily be integrated with existing or new OpenGL applications designed for interactive media, scientific applications, academic usage, and more.

Glui2 is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

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