FMOD Wrappers 1.3

The FMOD Wrappers project contains classes and modules that implement a subset of FMOD's functionality
FMOD is a cross platform audio library that supports a wide range of audio formats and playback options, including a physically correct 3D audio engine. FMOD Wrappers offers you classes and modules that implement a subset of FMOD's functionality via familiar REALbasic style interfaces.

This project was initially conceived to overcome the lack of waveform sample memory sharing in REALbasic's built-in Sound class. REALbasic 5.5 introduced the Sound.Clone method, which addressed that limitation to some extent, but the Sound class is still far behind in terms of functionality when compared to FMOD's features.

Unlike the built-in Sound class, the FMOD Wrapper classes separate the playback mechanism (FMODsound Class) from the sound sample data (FMODsample Class). This allows any FMODsound object to play back and manipulate any FMODsample, regardless if it is already being used by another FMODsound instance. Think of FMODsample as the actual "noise", and FMODsound as a "speaker" that can playback and manipulate any noise passed to it.

Other than that fundamental difference, the FMOD Wrapper classes function in a very similar manner to the built-in Sound class, but also take advantage of some of FMOD's more advanced features. The FMODmusic and FMODstream classes by their very nature do not make a distinction between the sample and playback mechanism, and work essentially the same as the built-in Sound class.

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November 1st, 2006, 16:10 GMT
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Chaotic Box
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FMOD Wrappers
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