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Dictionary password validation library in Java




Dictionary Password Validator is an open-source and Java-based library for validating the fact that a password does or does not contain common dictionary words within it. Dictionary Password Validator is built to be plug-and-play.

Dictionary Password Validator uses a Bloom filter so it can search faster in dictionaries. A default list of 46,210 US English words is provided and initializes within 0.84 seconds using Java 6, has a low false positive percentage of 0.05%, and uses very little memory (767kb).

If you increase the accuracy of the Bloom filter, you will be able to decrease the likelihood of the false positives (however the default settings are excellent for the list of provided words).

Doing so will increase the memory footprint (since it increases the bit field), and also further adds to the amount of time it takes for the filter to initialize.

Configurable options include:
· Dictionary words
· Bloom filter accuracy (bit set size)
· Minimum length word size (4 is the default)

Detailed instructions on how to use the Dictionary Password Validator utility on your Mac are available HERE.

Dictionary Password Validator is a cross-platform utility capable of running on any operating system that comes with Java support (e.g. Mac OS X, Windows, Linux).
Last updated on July 23rd, 2012

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