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Library for crating networked 3D games




Clyde is a free and open-source library which features a variety of tools that allow you to build action-oriented networked 3D games.

Clyde provides the following facilities:
· config - configuration management and tools for config manipulation
· delta - adds support for delta encoding objects on top of Narya streaming
· editor - annotation-controlled reflective object editing
· export - version-resilient serialization to XML and binary data formats
· expr - expression evaluation and symbol binding
· math - basic 2D and 3D math classes
· openal - ties Nenya's OpenAL support into OpenGL scene handling
· opengl - base classes for canvas and Display-based OpenGL applications
· - camera representation and handling
· opengl.compositor - view sorting and compositing, render effects
· opengl.effect - particle systems and related effects, particle editor tool
· opengl.geometry - static and dynamic geometry classes, software skinning
· opengl.gui - graphical user interface (derived from JME-BUI)
· opengl.material - support for complex materials, projections
· opengl.model - static and articulated models, explicit and procedural animation
· opengl.renderer - core renderer and states, wrappers for OpenGL objects
· opengl.scene - scene representation, scene influences and viewer effects
· probs - probabilistic data types
· tudey - engine for environments with 2D server logic and 3D graphical representation
· tudey.shape - general 2D shape representation and computation
· - 2D space representation
· - scene editor
· util - various utility classes, reflective deep copying/comparison/hashing

Clyde is cross-platform and it works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the Clyde utility on your Mac are available HERE.
Last updated on November 21st, 2012

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