Chilkat RSA Objective-C Library 9.4.1

A simple Objective-C encryption library
Chilkat RSA Objective-C Library
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Chilkat RSA Objective-C Library is an easy to use, simple encryption library that may be used in applications and websites to encrypt files, strings, and byte arrays using public/private key pairs.

Chilkat RSA Objective-C Library is available only for the Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

Main features:

  • Public/private key generation.
  • Encrypt with either public or private key.
  • Decrypt with matching public or private key.
  • Create digital signatures.
  • Verify digital signatures.
  • Encrypt and decrypt in-memory strings or byte arrays of any size.
  • Encode encrypted output to Base64, Hex, Quoted-Printable, or URL-encoding
  • Export public/private key pairs to XML.
  • Import key pair from .snk file.
  • Import public/private key pairs from XML.
  • Import/Export only public-part or private-part of key pair.
  • PKCS v1.5 padding for encryption and signatures.
  • OAEP Padding Scheme for Encryption/Decryption
  • RSASSA-PSS (RSA Signature Scheme with Appendix - Probabilistic Signature Scheme)
  • Create/verify signatures with little-endian or big-endian byte ordering.
  • Supports key sizes ranging from 512 bits to 4096 bits.
  • Supports hash algorithms: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2 (SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512)

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December 29th, 2012, 2:20 GMT
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Chilkat Software Inc
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Mac OS X
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Chilkat RSA Objective-C Library

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What's New in version 9.4.0
  • (backward compatibility) Removed the deprecated CkCrypt and CkFtp C++ classes.  (CkCrypt2 and CkFtp2 have been the primary C++ classes for encryption and FTP for many years.)
  • (backward compatibility) Removed the deprecated Chilkat.Crypt and Chilkat.Ftp .NET classes.  (The primary Chilkat .NET classes for encryption and FTP have been Chilkat.Crypt2 and Chilkat.Ftp2 for many years.)
  • (backward compatibility) Removed the “Blacklist” class wherever it may have been present.  This class has been deprecated for many years, and the online documentation for it was removed many years ago.
  • (backward compatibility, C++ API) All C++ method arguments that were pointers to objects have now become references to objects.  For example, if a method argument was “CkCert *”, it is now “CkCert &”.  This cause a compilation error, but the coding fix is very simple (just dereference the pointer that is passed).   There are two exceptions.  One is for CkXml::Search* methods where the 1st argument may be NULL, and therefore the pointer argument (CkXml *) was maintained.    The second is for event callback objects (see below).
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