tuProlog 2.9.0

A Java-based and simple to use application that enables you to perform multi-paradigm programming.
It has been designed around a minimal core (containing only the most essential properties of a Prolog engine), to be later configured by (statically and dynamically) loading/unloading libraries of predicates.

The application provides a clean, seamless integration model between Prolog and mainstream object-oriented languages -- namely Java, for tuProlog Java version, and any .NET-based language (C#, F#..), for tuProlog .NET version.

For this purpose, tuProlog is designed to feature some interesting qualities: it is easily deployable, just requiring the presence of a Java VM and an invocation upon a single JAR file.

TuProlog's core is both minimal, taking the form of a tiny Java object containing only the most essential properties of a Prolog engine, and configurable, thanks to the loading and unloading of predicates, functors and operators embedded in libraries.

The integration between Prolog and Java is as wide, deep, clean as possible; finally, interoperability is developed along the two main lines of Internet standard patterns and coordination models.

last updated on:
August 2nd, 2014, 7:10 GMT
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7.6 MB
developed by:
2P Team
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operating system(s):
Mac OS X
binary format:
Universal Binary
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What's New in This Release:
  • Bug fixes:
  • the behavior of setof / bagof has been finally fixed, correcting the old-dated bug causing variable bindings to be erroneously lost in some corner cases;
  • the behavior of the disjunction predicate (’;’) has also been fixed, correcting the other old-dated bug causing the disjunction to be associated in the wrong way in some specific corner cases;
  • the behavior of the functor predicate, previosly entering an endless loop in the corner case when the ?rst argument was unbound and the second referred to the term itself, has also been fixed.
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