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A simple Java-based build system for Java




Scar is a collection of utilities for building Java projects. The goal of the project is simplicity. Simple projects should be trivial to build, and more complex builds should be easy to customize.

Scar is very easy to use. Most projects can be built without writing any build code. When needed, builds can be written in Java. This allows the build process to be debugged and increases productivity by using familiar tools. Scar enables builds to be written without Java's typical verbosity.

With Scar you can never get stuck; you always know what is going on. There is no new language to learn or XML attributes to look up. You already know how to write Java code to build your project.

If you need to dive into Scar to see what is going on, each utility method is only a few lines of code. If you must do things significantly different, you can paste a few lines into your build and customize them.

Scar replaces Java build systems that are overly complex. Building Java projects has been plagued with suboptimal tools that have a steep learning curve and are difficult to customize. Scar remedies this in the absolute simplest manner possible.

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the Scar utility on your Mac are available HERE.

Last updated on January 14th, 2013

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