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Gems for Java programmers: those code fragments copied again and again from one project to anothe




Java Gems are general purpose utilities for Java. Yes, Java Gems are those simple code snippets copied again and again from one project to another, often from your private project to several work projects, those small things you cannot find in java.util and its subpackages, but you cannot live without them.

Java Gems is not intended to replace all Java libraries ever made, especially huge stable and widely spread frameworks. Java Gems is intended to remove common code from them. Yes, some single-package libraries can be merged or reimplemented.

A cycle can appear here: if a significant amount of a library is moved to Java Gems, the library will become simple, and it can be merged to or reimplemented in Java Gems subsequently.

In fact, the main goal is to provide Java developers a way how to share tools and utilities without a necessity to reinvent them in each project or when moving to another team or changing a job.
Last updated on August 10th, 2009

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