Development tool that will allow developers to easily translate between Java and XML
JSX (Java Serialization to XML) serializes Java objects to XML. You can persist data and send it over the network in a readable form that can be accessed with ordinary text and XML processing tools. You can now search, test, profile and audit your data as XML.

Unlike other XML serializers you may have seen, what really sets JSX apart is that it represents all objects accurately. In a comparison with Java serialization, JSX is 100% accurate.

Integration base
No object data is omitted from the XML, which is rendered in fixed format (jsx.xsd - XML schema). This comprehensive and regular format provides a reliable and solid base for integration with other applications, systems, and languages.

Main features:

  • Works for all objects:
  • JSX avoids the problem of NotSerializableExceptions, now and in the future, because it serializes all objects, Serializable or not.
  • Nested and recursive objects:
  • JSX can create an instant file format for your data, which you can then configure manually with a plain text editor. Manually coding such a format is a lot of tedious work - and you also have to write the parsing code. This coding is especially unpleasant when your objects have a nested or recursive structure. Java Object serialization (JOS) also works well for this task, except that you cannot see or edit the resulting binary. JOS also requires objects to implement the Serializable interface, and so won't work with all objects. JSX does not have this restriction, and works for objects whether they implement Serializable or not. Here is a case study.
  • Human readable:
  • XML is easy to check and verify; and automatic serialization eliminates human error in the mapping code. JSX is an instant solution, and removes the error-prone tedium of writing and mantaining externalization code by hand.

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May 27th, 2014, 6:50 GMT
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JSX Enterprises
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What's New in version
  • This release consolidates support for some corner cases of Java's standard JOS API for class evolution, in case they are used by future classes.
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