JGoodies Looks for Mac

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2.8.0 BSD    
High-fidelity and multi-platform Swing look and feels





JGoodies Looks is an open source Java framework that will make your Swing applications and applets look better.

The JGoodies Looks package consists of a Windows look&feel and the Plastic look&feel family. These have been optimized for readability, precise micro-design and usability.

Goodies Looks improve the readability, legibility, consistency and in turn the usability of your Java applications and applets. And many people have reviewed the JGoodies L&Fs as elegant. Also, the JGoodies Looks bring bug fixes from recent Java versions to older Java versions.

JGoodies Looks simplify the support for different Java versions, operating systems, and Look&Feels. Each look is consistent over the Java versions 1.4.1x, 1.4.2x, 1.5, and 1.6 betas - to the possible extent w. r. t. to the underlying Swing implementation. And all JGoodies L&Fs use similar component sizes to minimize the layout differences when switching the Look&Feel.
Last updated on April 10th, 2015

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