H2 Database Engine 1.3.176 / 1.4.184 Beta

Structured Query Language database engine written in Java that has a browser based console application along with server and embedded modes.
H2 Database Engine
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H2 is an SQL database engine written in Java (but also available as a native binary). JDBC and ODBC APIs are supported.

Embedded and server modes are available. A Web console application is included. Clustering is supported.

H2 Database Engine is a web based java database engine.

Main features:

  • Fast database engine
  • Free, source code is included
  • Supports standard SQL
  • Written in Java
  • Disk based or in-memory databases
  • Browser base Console application
  • Limited ODBC support
  • Embedded and client/server (network) mode
  • High availablility support (clustering / failover)
  • Wide range of data types including large objects (BLOB/CLOB)
  • Strong security features (SSL, users, roles, encrypted files)
  • Multiple connections, table level locking
  • Cost based optimizer, using a genetic algorithm for complex queries
  • Transaction support (serializable transaction isolation)
  • Zero-administration, automatic recovery
  • Large resultset, external sorting
  • Scrollable and updatable resultset support
  • Read only views and inline views
  • Inner and outer joins, subqueries
  • Many functions already built-in
  • Triggers and Java functions / stored procedures
  • Referential integrity / foreign key constraints with cascade, check constraints
  • Multiple schema support
  • Compatibility modes for HSQLDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Sequence and autoincrement columns
  • Well tested (high code coverage, randomized stress tests)
  • Small footprint (smaller than 1 MB)
  • Uses a small number of database files
  • Can be compiled to native code using GCJ
  • Primary keys, multiple index types (b-tree, linear hash, tree, hash)
  • Information Schema
  • Multiple connections
  • Collation support
  • EXPLAIN PLAN support
  • The database can generate SQL script files
  • Support for linked tables, and a built-in virtual 'range' table
  • Automatic re-compilation of prepared statements
  • Sophisticated trace options
  • Low memory requirements
  • Easy to understand exception messages
  • Standard handling of NULL values
  • Multilanguage console application (at this time, English and German).

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H2 Database Engine
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3 Screenshots
H2 Database EngineH2 Database Engine
What's New in version 1.4.184 Beta
  • In version 1.3.183, indexes were not used if the table contains columns with a default value generated by a sequence. This includes tables with identity and auto-increment columns. This bug was introduced by supporting "rownum" in views and derived tables.
  • MVStore: imported BLOB and CLOB data sometimes disappeared. This was caused by a bug in the ObjectDataType comparison.
  • Reading from a StreamStore now throws an IOException if the underlying data doesn't exist.
  • MVStore: if there is an exception while saving, the store is now in all cases immediately closed.
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