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A dynamic programming language for the Java Virtual Machine





Clojure is a dynamic programming language that targets the Java Virtual Machine (and the CLR, and JavaScript).

Clojure is designed to be a general-purpose language, combining the approachability and interactive development of a scripting language with an efficient and robust infrastructure for multithreaded programming.

Clojure is a compiled language - it compiles directly to JVM bytecode, yet remains completely dynamic.

Furthermore, Clojure provides easy access to the Java frameworks, with optional type hints and type inference, to ensure that calls to Java can avoid reflection.

Clojure is a dialect of Lisp, and shares with Lisp the code-as-data philosophy and a powerful macro system, and  is predominantly a functional programming language that features a rich set of immutable, persistent data structures.
Last updated on May 14th, 2015
Clojure - When running the clojure command line tool from a Terminal window with the '--help' argument, it will display the help message.

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