Carbonado 1.2.3

An open source extensible, high performance persistence abstraction layer for Java applications
Carbonado is a free and open source high performance, extensible persistence abstraction layer for Java applications, that provides a relational view to the underlying persistence technology.

Persistence can be provided by a JDBC accessible SQL relational database, or it can be a Berkeley DB. It can also be fully replicated between the two.

Even if the backing database is not SQL based, Carbonado still supports many of the core features found in any kind of relational database. It supports queries, joins, indexes, and it performs query optimization.

When used in this way, Carbonado is not merely a layer to a relational database, it is the relational database. SQL is not a requirement for implementing relational databases.

Carbonado is able to achieve high performance by imposing very low overhead when accessing the actual storage. Low overhead is achieved in part by auto generating performance critical code, via the Cojen library.

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January 27th, 2013, 6:20 GMT
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Brian S O'Neill
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Mac OS X
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Universal Binary
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What's New in version 1.2
  • Builds using JDK1.6, but targets JDK1.5.
  • Added support for sequences for SQL databases that don't natively support sequences.
  • Added @Automatic annotation, which also supports auto-increment columns.
  • JDBC repository supports optional automatic version management, eliminating the requirement that triggers be installed on the database.
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