Wt 3.3.4

A free and open source C++ library and application server that enables users to develop and deploy web applications effortlessly

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What's new in Wt 3.3.4:

  • This new proxy model simply forwards the structure of the source model, without any transformation, and can be used for implementing proxy models that reimplement data(), but retain all other characteristics of the source model.
  • Chart::WCartesianChart::setAxis()
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Wt (pronounced 'witty') is not a 'framework', which enforces a way of programming, but a library.

The API is widget-centric, and inspired by existing C++ Graphical User Interface (GUI) APIs. To the developer, Wt offers complete abstraction of any web-specific implementation details, including graphics support and event handling.

Typical use scenarios:
· Web-based GUIs for web-enabled embedded systems benefit from the low footprint of a C++ web application server.
· Web-based GUIs that require integration with (existing) C++ libraries, for example for scientific or engineering applications.
· Creating a port of existing C++ desktop applications to the web.

Some benefits of using Wt:
· Develop web applications like you develop C++ desktop applications.
· Provides plain widgets, which work regardless of JavaScript availability (but benefit from JavaScript availability), and Wt::Ext widgets which are more polished, or provide advanced functionality, but require JavaScript and a modern browser. As far as possible, these widgets share the same API.
· Use the built-in httpd for easy development and deployment, or use the FastCGI connector to deploy as a FastCGI application.
· A single specification for both client- and server-side validation and event handling (when using stateless slot implementations)
· Generates standards compliant HTML or XHTML code.
· Portable, anti-aliased graphics (uses inline VML, inline SVG or the HTML 5 canvas).
· No XSS security risks since Wt has complete control over the presentation layer and proactively filters out active tags and attributes. No exposure of business logic, which stays at the server.
· Ultra-fast load time and low bandwidth usage, which are affected only by screen complexity, not application size.

Last updated on May 30th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X (Universal Binary)

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