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An user friendly analysis suite tool that comes with lightweight OLAP features





Saiku is a cross-platform modular OLAP server that enables you to use an internal Mondrian Server or 3rd party XML/A servers in order to receive data from various sources.

Saiku's intuitive interface helps you integrate OLAP features into your application, even with no MDX writing or knowledge.

Saiku effortlessly handles query saving and loading, and also features built-in server security.
Last updated on February 9th, 2015
Saiku - From Saiku's local home page you will be able to use data from OLAP systems in order to conduct various measurements and analysis.Saiku - The Toggle Chart menu generates a chart using all previously generated data, by product category.Saiku - By accessing the Basic Statistics menu, you can view and analyze various statistical data related to your measurements.

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