GwtEarth 3-1.0

Open-source GWT wrapper for the Google Earth API
GwtEarth is a free and open-source API that aims to create a comprehensive GWT wrapper to expose all of the Google Earth functionality which is provided by the official Google Javascript API version 3.0 (version 1.009).

GwtEarth gives you a GWT widget and overlay types to expose all documented classes and methods of the Google Earth API version 3.0

Detailed instructions on how to install and use the GwtEarth utility on your Mac are available HERE.

GwtEarth is a cross-platform utility capable of running on any operating system that comes with Java support (e.g. Mac OS X, Windows, Linux).

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September 13th, 2012, 0:09 GMT
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725 KB
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Nick Kerr
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Mac OS X
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What's New in version 3-1.0
  • Fix for issue 12 -
  • This release contains a fix for the critical issue where it's not possible to display 2 or more GoogleEarthWidget instances without chaining their onInitSuccess() methods. The unique ID assigned to the DIV that contains the Google Earth plugin is now correctly incremented when a new GoogleEarthWidget instance is constructed instead of waiting for GEPlugin initialization.
  • The ID of DIV that contains the GE plugin is now exposed via the new method: GoogleEarthWidget::getContainerId();
  • GoogleEarthWidget::onInitSuccess and GoogleEarthWidget::onInitFailure are now exposed as protected methods.
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