Canoo WebTest 3.0

Effective way to test your web apps

Testing is an important part of any serious development effort. For web applications it is crucial.

Defects in your corporate website may be only annoying at one time but they can cost you real money at other times, they can lower your market value and may even put you out of business.

Canoo WebTest is a free and open source tool for automated testing of web applications in a very effective way.

Canoo WebTest helps you to reduce the defect rate of your web application.

Main features:

  • Simple:
  • WebTest has an easy syntax with steps having meaningful names that can be understood even when you don't know WebTest. Additionally, the recorder allows you to quickly generate a first draft of your tests that you can adapt and refactor to build robust tests suites. Don't forget: capture/replay is the least cost-effective way of automating test cases!
  • Fast:
  • WebTest doesn't download CSS or images and doesn't need to compute page rendering.
  • Excellent Reporting:
  • Perhaps the most important feature. JUnit like reports are not enough to understand why a test fails and WebTest reports provide all information allowing you to quickly understand the failure cause.
  • Very low TCO:
  • Some user testimonials say it better than long explanations: "the ROI on WebTest is many orders of magnitude higher than any other tool I've used", "Support = good and $0", "It still Just Works", "It has been remarkably robust, mature, and bug-free", or "tests are much quicker to write and cheap to maintain".
  • Runs everywhere:
  • WebTest is plain Java and runs everywhere as long as you have a JDK for your operating system.
  • No display needed:
  • This means that you can continue working on your computer while your test(s) run.
  • Easy to extend:
  • No matter which tool you use, you will reach its limits and need to extend it for your custom needs. It's only a question of time. With WebTest you can simply create your own steps without technology mix, exactly like WebTest's own steps in Java or in Groovy and access the whole API of HtmlUnit, commons-httpclient, ... to enhance WebTest for your special requirements.
  • Straightforward integration:
  • WebTest scripts ARE Ant scripts. This means that you have directly an easy integration in continuous integration tools like Cruise Control, support in your favorite IDE, ...
  • Doesn't accept (too) badly formed html:
  • "Real" browsers accept really badly formed html code what WebTest can only do to some extend. Good or bad? We (the WebTest developers) want to create correct web applications and we see this as a feature rather than as a disadvantage. After all, testing should lead to better quality.

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September 24th, 2010, 15:35 GMT
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Canoo Engineering AG
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Mac OS X
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Canoo WebTest
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What's New in This Release:
  • The release includes support for maven integration, IDE-integration like for unit tests, capturing of background JavaScript errors, new steps for mouseOver and mouseOut events, better parallel execution of tests and - as usual - lots of handling improvements.
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