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A fully-featured and versatile Integrated Development Environment that enables you create a wide variety of websites and applications

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WebStorm is a powerful and flexible IDE for JavaScript, CSS and HTML built on IntelliJ IDEA that comes with pre-installed JavaScript plugins, automatic code completion, on-the-fly code analysis, refactoring support, as well as VCS integration.

Take advantage of the state of the art code editor and code assistance

WebStorm’s built-in editor is designed to understand your code and its structure in order to deliver the needed code completion you need. WebStorm also offers full coding assistance for language mixtures like HTML inside JavaScript strings.

The integrated spellchecker automatically checks texts in tags, comments, code strings to prevent misspellings and typos on your webpage. The spellchecker also checks variable names, IDs and CSS classes.

Helps you maintain and deliver high quality code

Moreover, the code quality analysis performs hundreds of language specific code inspections that constantly analyze the entire project as you type, a fact that enables you to view the identified problems. Thanks to the smart quick-fixes you can take advantage of the offered instant solutions and streamline your workflow.

At the same time, the seamless integration of tools such as Bower, Grunt and npm enables you to be more productive without leaving the IDE. The intuitive keyboard shortcuts to all IDE actions along with the multiple cursors and selections feature in the editor makes it easy for you to work more efficiently.

Seamless integration with most popular Version Control Systems

On top of that, WebStorm provides support for most Version Control Systems such as Git, GitHub Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion and SVN. While the local history keeps your files safe and secure, the unified UI enables you to focus on your work regardless of where you keep your code.

WebStorm also comes with remote deployment facilities over FTP, SFTP and network drives that help you edit your project files locally and deploy back to the remove server using automatic synchronization on file save or on demand.

To conclude, WebStorm is a well-thought-out and smart JavaScript IDE designed to make it easy for you to create applications and websites.

WebStorm was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 5th, 2015
WebStorm - From WebStorm's main window you will be able to quickly open and edit your project.WebStorm - By right clicking on the currently opened project, you can effortlessly debug it or compile its final version.WebStorm - The View menu bar, helps you to access various tool windows with the helps of predefined hot keys.WebStorm - screenshot #4WebStorm - screenshot #5WebStorm - screenshot #6WebStorm - screenshot #7WebStorm - screenshot #8WebStorm - screenshot #9WebStorm - screenshot #10WebStorm - screenshot #11WebStorm - screenshot #12WebStorm - screenshot #13WebStorm - screenshot #14

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