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A popular, powerful and extensible integrated development environment designed to help you create highly integrated software solutions

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Eclipse SDK is a cross platform integrated development environment that makes it easy and straightforward for you to work on various development projects like Java files, graphics, web content and more.

Highly customizable development environment, easily extendable using plug-ins and custom modules

Furthermore, Eclipse SDK enables developers to autonomously develop custom tools that are compatible with other projects or already developed tools. Also, Eclipse SDK features an intuitive interface that provides numerous editing and testing tools that are designed to ease your work.

Moreover, Eclipse SDK can be extended via plugins to provide support for a large number of programming languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Haskell or Cobol, among others.

On top of that, Eclipse SDK allows its users to access all the functionality of the development platform right from the main window, or with the use of customizable shortcuts. With the help of plugins, Eclipse can be extended to work with the LaTeX language or multiple networking applications.

Built-in development toolset for Java developers

Eclipse SDK comes bundles with Java development tools and a built-in Java compiler, suitable for code writing, analysis and advanced refactoring techniques.

In addition, Eclipse SDK uses widgets, implemented using the SWT technology. Eclipse SDK's GUI layer is called Jface and greatly simplifies the construction os SWT based tools.

Comprehensive and multi-platform development solution with server based application support

Unlike similar tools, Eclipse SDK provides complete support for developing server side applications and, with the help of the very popular Web Tools Platform you can simplify the development of Web and Java EE apps.

As an added advantage, the Eclipse SDK can even be used to easily develop packages for the popular Mathematica software.

Taking all said into consideration, Eclipse SDK is a very powerful and highly customizable development environment that can be successfully used as the main tool for building and deploying a large variety of software solutions on a wide array of computing platform, while using virtually any programming language of your choice.

Eclipse SDK was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on August 8th, 2015
Eclipse SDK - From Eclipse SDK's main window you will be able to effortlessly load and edit a Java project.Eclipse SDK - The Source menu helps you toggle a comment, add or remove a block comment and generate an element comment.Eclipse SDK - By accessing the Refactor menu, you can extract the superclass or interface and use supertype where possible.Eclipse SDK - screenshot #4Eclipse SDK - screenshot #5Eclipse SDK - screenshot #6Eclipse SDK - screenshot #7Eclipse SDK - screenshot #8Eclipse SDK - screenshot #9

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