RapidLink for Mac

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RapidWeaver plug-in that plays the role of a safe assistant for your digital downloads





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RapidLink helps you automate the delivery process of any downloaded file, in a secure and intuitive manner.

List your files. Set prices and export your site. This is all you have to do to get ready to sell your digital downloads with RapidLink in a perfectly seamless way.

One click does it all: RapidLink creates IPN for your PayPal account, traces your links and all in a fully secure way!

Are you a professional Photographer and want to sell your works-of-art? Are you a software developer aiming to publish your apps? Or do you simply want to share some papers or files with your customers? No matter what you sell, RapidLink will be your digital download safe assistant!

With RapidLink, your digital downloads are always in your control: you will receive a notification email each time one file is downloaded, so you can prevent and block link spreading in a flash and sleep safely!
Last updated on December 5th, 2014

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