oXygen XML Author 16.1

A full-featured XML content authoring tool with support for XML based standard frameworks, connectivity, extensibility and Single Source Publishing

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What's new in oXygen XML Author 16.1:

  • Adds improvements to both the XML development and XML authoring functionality.
  • Fixes for validation issues, such as adding a missing attribute or deleting an unexpected element are offered automatically by the Quick Fixes support.
  • The XSLT support helps you better understand what each XSLT instruction does by presenting associated annotations with the description of the instruction and links to the specification.
  • The XML authoring mode received a number of improvements to the table support, track changes functionality, generic editing, as well as to the DITA specific actions.
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oXygen XML Author - From the main window, you can browse the project's documents, access the outline and the main area for editing documents.oXygen XML Author - The Author view mode enables you to edit XML documents from an author's point of view.oXygen XML Author - By accessing the Edit menu, you can create and manage bookmarks, check spelling and more.oXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML AuthoroXygen XML Author
Oxygen XML Author is a content authoring utility featuring an easy-to-use graphical user interface and support for document authoring.

Users will be able to access various XML based standard frameworks, unmatched connectivity and extensibility as well as preset transformation scenarios.

Oxygen XML Author includes simple editor for working with various XML and other types of documents. In addition, when editing an XML document, you are offered the possibility to switch off XML tags completely.

Furthermore, Oxygen XML Author comes with optimized XML publishing frameworks and can be extended by creating your own frameworks. The app adds out-of-the-box visual editing support for the DITA, XHML, DocBook and TEI frameworks.

Users can also collaborate with other authors with the help of the compare and merge solutions, subversion repository client and diverse tracking tools.

Oxygen XML Author also provides the option to interact with most XML databases, WebDAV as well as content management systems.

Publishing authors can also create outputs in ePUB, PDF and HTML format (among others) for preset and configurable scenarios.

Another important feature is the ability to use the same content in different deliverables, an efficient content management method called Single Source Publishing.

The integrated Apache Subversion (SVN) client enables users to navigate repositories, commit or check for changes, or update your working copy.

A powerful file comparison tool is also included in the Oxygen XML Author package and it's called XML Diff & Merge, which offers 6 different diff algorithms and a complete merge solution.

NOTE: In order to activate the trial, you must register on Oxygen XML Author's project page using a valid e-mail address to receive a license key.

Last updated on December 15th, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.5 or later (Universal Binary)

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