newLISP 10.6.2

General purpose scripting language that is designed for applications in AI, simulations, and natural language processing, as well as machine learning and statistics

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What's new in newLISP 10.6.2:

  • Additions and changes:
  • A new function (collect exp [int-max-count]) reapeatedly evaluates exp and collects results in a list until evaluation yields nil or an optional maximum count of results is collected.
  • An addtional syntax of the reset function can be used to change the maximum cell count as reported by sys-info.
  • Some PCRE regular expression options can now be given as either numbers or letters. Multiple letter optiosn can be combined in a string. This affects all functions using regular expressions. See the regex function for details.
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Lutz Mueller
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newLISP - Within Newlisp's main window, you can effortlessly edit and run your LISP program.newLISP - From the Run menu you will be able to test your file by running or restarting it.newLISP - By accessing the View menu you can choose between different viewing modes and adjust the font size.newLISP
NewLISP is general-purpose scripting language suited for various application in AI, from language processor, web search to statistics and machine learning.

NewLISP is ideal for embedded system applications thanks to its low system requirements.

NewLISP's user friendly interface provides you with all needed functions to run your LISP programs:
· networking functions
· distributed and multi-core support
· Bayesian statistics

Last updated on January 20th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X (Universal Binary)

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