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A Mac OS X native developing and incremental programming environment for lightning-fast generating of optimized X86 64-bit machine code






iMops is designed to be a X86_64 native developing environment that will work on Mac OS X. The language is based on that of PowerMops, which is a forth based object oriented language. iMops is planed to be a X86 port of PowerMops.

(iMops has been compiled and built with PowerMops(+Rosetta) by cross-compiling. Excepting that Interface Builder was used to create nib resource file for FWinodow and main Menu, iMops has been created only by PowerMops without any help of C-compiler or assembler. Mops is really powerful language!
Mops stands for Michael Hore's Object-oriented Programming System.)

iMops is a Cocoa application without ObjC garbage collecting (instead, with its own Garbage collect system).

It is designed to build Cocoa applications. So in order to extend iMops classes you should call Cocoa API functions/methods. (However 64bit Carbon function call should be OK. TickCount() or NewHandle() is still alive even in 64bit!)

Mainly because of this fact, iMops is not completely compatible with PowerMops.

iMops is interactive and incremental programming environment. On the other hand, it generates optimized X86 64bit machine code. So the execution of code should be fast.
Last updated on January 20th, 2015
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