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A light, unobtrusive and versatile color picker that enables designers and artist find the HEX, UIColor and NSColor code of any given color

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iHateHex is a simple, clean and practical Mac OS X application that makes it easy to find color codes, convert between different color formatting codes and resize large PNG screenshots taken at high resolutions.

User-oriented and unobtrusive color picker and image resizer for designers

iHateHex comes with a user-oriented floating window that you can easily move anywhere on your Mac’s screen.

From iHateHex’s main window, you can easily use the OS X’s ColorPicker to select a color and reveal the Hex, UIColor and NSColor code.

Once the color is selected, iHateHex automatically reveals the Hex code and generates the other two supported codes.

Take advantage of the lope tool and precisely select the desired color

On top of that, iHateHex offers a handy Color Picker that enables you to pick a color from any application, window or webpage. The color picker is accompanied by a loupe that enables you to accurately select the desired color.

What is more, iHateHex automatically copies the generated color code to your Mac’s Clipboard, from where you can paste it in an application or document of your choice. It goes without saying that iHateHex automatically converts between the three supported color code formats when a value is provided.

Helps you resize large PNG images at half of their original resolution

In addition, iHateHex offers you the option to resize and rename large PNG images via the Reducer tab. You only have to drag and drop your screenshot or image and let iHateHex do the hard work for you.

By accessing the Settings tab, you’ll be able to decide which color code is copied by default to your Mac’s clipboard and set the image quality for the PNG resizer.

iHateHex was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
iHateHex - From iHateHex's main window you can use the color picker to reveal the color code of the selected color.iHateHex - The Reducer tab helps you resize PNG image files with drag and drop gestures.iHateHex - By accessing the Settings tab, you can enable the auto-copy function and set the default quality level for the built-in PNG reducer.iHateHex - screenshot #4

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