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Powerful and full-featured OS X application designed by Apple for helping developers create eye-catching content for the iAd service

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Apple enables developers to embed ads into iOS applications by using the iAd platform. The iAd Producer companion application helps you create high-quality advertisements even though you are not a programmer.

Effortlessly install both the producer tool and other testing facilities

The iAd Producer software package includes a package installer that automatically handles the entire procedure. The OS X application includes an iAd Tester and an iBooks Author Widget Tester. Both can simulate iOS devices and help you preview your projects without taking the time to deploy them on multiple devices.

Via iAd Blueprints you get to effortlessly download project templates and their resources. You get to browse the templates collection, and choose to see only the ones that match certain requirements. Naturally, you get to personalize the template and use your own graphics.

Moreover, iAd Producer also provides predefined layouts for your new projects. To conclude, you have the option to rely on these resources to reduce the time spent working on projects, even though the outcome is highly customized.

Work on iAd projects without having to write code and then test the result before deployment

In the iAd Producer project dynamic, you must import assets and objects, organize them into different layers, and then define actions lists. The application enables you to preview the generated code, but also the final result in Safari or in an iOS simulator.

Noteworthy is that Apple provides online documentation and guidelines related to all the requirements that must be met by an iAd Producer project before submission. For an ad to be published on the App Network, it must comply with the iAd Certification Requirements.

To sum up, iAd Producer provides both the medium and the resources for creating ads that can be published on the Apple iAd advertising network. The best part is that iAd Producer also includes iOS simulator capabilities, so you can test your projects with minimal effort.

iAd Producer was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 22nd, 2015
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