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Lightweight embeddable database engine






hamsterdb is an open source embeddable database. hamsterdb is in development for more than two years with three main design principles: ease of use, high performance and stability.

The hamsterdb API is simple and mostly self-documenting. Extensive documentation, FAQ and tutorials are provided. The interface is similar to other widely-used database engines.

Fast algorithms and data structures guarantee high performance for all scenarios. The implementation of these algorithms minimizes disk access and operating system calls (i.e. memory allocations). Data structures try to take advantage of modern CPU caches. Memory mapped file operations are preferred to the slower read/write I/O.

By changing page size, key size and cache size, hamsterdb can be tuned for any hardware platform. The minimum static memory footprint is just 55 kb, and the minimum memory allocated for a database is one page (the page size depends on the operating system, but can be overwritten by the user).

The cache size can be hard limited to any value (if the hard limit is reached, operations will fail with an "out of cache"-error; if a soft limit is reached, hamsterdb will temporarily resize the cache). Other parameters give the user the choice between data safety or higher performance.
Last updated on May 18th, 2015
hamsterdb - This is the usage message displayed by ham_info, when being run from a Terminal window with the "-h" argument.hamsterdb - When running the ham_dump command line tool from a Terminal window with the "-h" argument, it will display a usage message.hamsterdb - This is the usage messaged displayed by ham_recover, when being run from the Terminal window with the "-h" parameter.

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