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Enables you to add methods to subclasses for processing XML documents content, as well as to generate data structures from XML schemas






generateDS generates Python data structures (for example, class definitions) from an XML Schema document. These data structures represent the elements in an XML document described by the XML Schema.

generateDS is also able to generate parsers that load an XML document in the data structures.

In addition, a separate file containing subclasses (stubs) is optionally generated. The user can add methods to the subclasses in order to process the contents of an XML document.

The generated Python code contains:
· A class definition for each element defined in the XML Schema document.
· A main and driver function that can be used to test the generated code.
· A parser that will read an XML document which satisfies the XML Schema from which the parser was generated. The parser creates and populates a tree structure of instances of the generated Python classes.
· Methods in each class to export the instance back out to XML (method export) and to export the instance to a literal representing the Python data structure (method exportLiteral).

The generated classes contain the following:
· A constructor method (__init__), with member variable initializers.
· Methods with names 'getX' and 'setX' for each member variable 'X' or, if the member variable is defined with maxOccurs="unbounded", methods with names 'getX', 'setX', 'addX', and 'insertX'.
· A "build" method that can be used to populate an instance of the class from a node in a minidom tree.
· An "export" method that will write the instance (and any nested sub-instances) to a file object as XML text.
· An "exportLiteral" method that will write the instance (and any nested sub-instances) to a file object as Python literals (text).
Last updated on February 21st, 2015
generateDS - Usage screen for the application that appears when running it from a Terminal window.

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